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  1. I have discovered a flaw in either the calculation used. Any time/date after 3PM on December 30th returns a work-cycle greater than 1000. It should cycle back to 001 and iterate the year at that point. Granted, this means the Imperial Year starts 33 hours before our current year, but that is what the calculator says.

  2. Just to note a bug in the calculator, it is not accounting for leap years.

    For example, today 12 of November is the 317th day of the year as 2020 is a leap year. The calculator however is treating it as day 316, which would be accurate for non-leap years.

    Just remember when accounting for it, that any potential leap year falling on a century mark has to also be divisible by 400 to be a leap year.

  3. There is still a bug with determining the date at the end of the year.
    Source/Check Number:

    9pm / 2100h




    The Imperial Date is: 01001020.M03

  4. Ok I’ve found the problem.

    The 40k calendar doesn’t account for leap years at all. – I’ve made this calendar account for leap years using our current understanding of leap years.

    Therefore the Makr constant was also wrong, as it was attempting to work out the 1000 divisions of 365 days. There is another one to account for leap years also.

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