Hi guys!

I ordered a BUNCH of Bolt Action from Warlord, and, it’s been dispatched!! (EEE!!!)

Until it arrives though, I figure I can work on repairing the plane that Marius messed up!


Here’s the work I was doing on it one night.


Coming along OK, few thin layers of paint, was gettin’ spick! Then, I wake up to this..
13555499_10209628569699363_1708225906_o 13588994_10209628569579360_1201408088_o


Which also used up the rest of my brown violet… cheers kid.


So far tonight, I’ve managed (after about 5-6 layers) to get the plane looking like this (sorry, no flash battery is dying).


In all, it’s coming along! I’ll have more updates later!

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