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RimWorld fun!

Hey guys, lets go on an adventure through RimWorld together!

I’m playing Cassandra Classic on “Some Challenge”, creating a world with the seed “thrusting”, I did NOT pick that I swear!


This looks like a good spot to call home.. let’s see who we start with.



First up, we have “Rhah benway”, a female 60 year old Gay Night Owl who was a scout but spent the rest of her time teaching, she must have got into a fight or something, resulting in her stab scar and an apparently inability to do anything intellectual any more after being a teacher?


Next we have “Tazren Roberts”, a female 22 year old Bionic wannabe miner! Also unable to do anything with her mind – it appears she’s bought her brother with her!


Finally we have Arthur, after growing up in a Cult, he decided that deep space mining was for him, also feeble minded.



It looks like I’m going to have a very hard time doing ANY research early on!


Here we are, 11th of Spring 5500, not a bad place I guess, time to get mining!


On rides the 1st of summer. I’ve got a nice little set up in the hills, working on some freezers, crops will start soon, winter is going to be a bit chilly I imagine, need to get some onto hauling some of this rubble out.

I’ve got 3 fuelled generators and 1 built solar panel powering my little base at the moment. I really should get ready for some raids.

Oh, we had a wonderer join! Turns out, it’s Authur’s partner! – She also can’t do research, sigh.



So that went a little faster than expected. Kat went crazy (the one with the plasteel knife), apparently there wasn’t enough food and she ate a corpse, anyway, 3 colonists stepped in to stop her, she incapped 2, the 3rd got hit by the dog “tonto”, apparently he decided to go crazy too. This is the scene now.


I’m pretty sure they’ll just struggle to death, but we’ll see.

… and that was one of the quickest games I’ve ever had.


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Bolt Action planes, paint and pains!

Hi guys!

I ordered a BUNCH of Bolt Action from Warlord, and, it’s been dispatched!! (EEE!!!)

Until it arrives though, I figure I can work on repairing the plane that Marius messed up!


Here’s the work I was doing on it one night.


Coming along OK, few thin layers of paint, was gettin’ spick! Then, I wake up to this..
13555499_10209628569699363_1708225906_o 13588994_10209628569579360_1201408088_o


Which also used up the rest of my brown violet… cheers kid.


So far tonight, I’ve managed (after about 5-6 layers) to get the plane looking like this (sorry, no flash battery is dying).


In all, it’s coming along! I’ll have more updates later!

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Bolt Action and new beginnings!

Hello all!
No doubt by now you’ve noticed the changes going on with the site.

I’m incorporating another aspect of me. My hobby from my hobby blog itself.

But first here’s some recent Bolt Action minis I’ve made up!



I know I’ve said this before but I’ll day it again. More things are coming!

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New WordPress Widget!

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided to dip my toes a little into WordPress development, and for my first project, I present…

Kingsley’s WhatPulse Widget!

It’s a simple plugin to load results from WhatPulse, You can see an example of this Widget in the right hand side bar at the bottom.

I hope it’s a start of things to come!

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KTournament software

Alright! I’ve worked out what I want to build next!

Highly customisable tournament software!

Been working for some friends of mine who run tournaments to work out what people want!

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Slow posting / Developing

Hey guys!

Sorry about being so slow with my posting and developing, been super busy around the house, haven’t even had time to sit down and code anything!

Hopefully that will all be changing soon, still want to work out what my next small project will be!

Keep tuned!

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My current Tyranid Warrior collection

Hey guys;

I’m back again, this time to post about my nearly complete warrior collection. (Nearly everything is modeled) Just a few coats of paint here and there to make ’em look shiny and new.


Unit of 5 Warriors with Rending claws, one has a Venom Cannon. Pew pew or nomnom. Screw you Terminators!


Two units of Warriors here, 3 each with a Venom Cannon, and 1 model. I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with it. Maybe devourer again? Who knows!


The 3 Warriors that my Prime will attach to. Still waiting on bone sword arrival. Can’t wait to finish these guys!


And last but certainly not least, the pew pew unit of “Screw anything within 18″” unit.

Seriously, stick these guys in a drop pod and watch your opponent in their state of confusion ask “27 Strength 5 AP 5 shots, are you sure?”

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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Tyranid Prime joins the Swarm

Hey guys,

Thought I should post something I’m working on.
I picked myself up a box of Warriors and Raveners with the idea of making a Tyranid Prime. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.


Bits and pieces!

But you may have been able to tell already that I’ve used mostly Tyranid Warrior legs etc for this kitbash. The body is that of a Ravener, and the head also.


Another Tyranid Warrior for comparison. Not too much is different from the front, the side is where the size difference shines through.

I had a bit of an issue getting the torso to sit “straight”. Took some super glue to get it where I wanted it and to keep it there.


I decided also that the larger rending claws on this model would suit it better, and as you can see, the Tyranid Warrior got the Ravener rending claws. (They look so much more dynamic).


Lastly we see everyone else in the unit, waiting for the bone swords from Chapterhouse Studios. To arrive before I can finish off the unit and get them board side.


I hope you all enjoyed my first post.

P.S. I’m aware of ladies leg! I’m gluing it back together for my partner. Made its way onto the hobby table.

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Duplicate Song Finder/Deleter

Hello everyone!

I thought I would start off with a program like this:
Its called the Duplicate Song Finder/Deleter. It searches though a folder of your choice, and displays all the binary-identical files for you to easily and quickly delete.

This requires .NET 4.0 to run available at Microsoft: .NET 4.0

And of course, the download to my little program: Here

Loading Screen:

Find Folder:
Find Folder

Typically scanning is based on the speed of your processor / size of the music file being scanned. My computer does about 10 songs a second.

Found list:
Found List

At this point pressing “Delete checked items” removes the songs that are checked.

Pretty easy huh?

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WhatPulse stats

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